Remedial ~  Remedial massage aims to correct postural imbalances, muscle dysfunction which reduces your pain or symptoms.   Suited for specific pathological conditions, remedial treatment evaluates specific muscle groups to treat.  A plan is created to help reduce pain and improve overall mobility of your specific complaint.  Health rebates apply.

Trigger Point Therapy ~  Trigger points exist within muscle fibres creating a strong area of pain.  Once located pressure is applied to alleviate and reduce pain. By reducing and releasing trigger points within the muscle allows it to work and function more effectively. You will experience increased range of motion.

Myofascial Release ~Fascia is connective tissue that surrounds all our muscles and organs. Often fascia tissue can become firm and restrict muscle flexibility. A dry massage technique and rolling can soften and encourage the fascia to stretch further giving muscles a chance to work more effectively.

Cupping ~ Cupping is an ancient process.  Cups are placed on the skin with reverse pressure to bring red blood cells to the surface. In Chinese medicine this technique is used to shift stagnant blood from an area. This encourages new fresh blood cells to enter the muscle to work more effectively. Ying (cold) Yang (hot) can be present and cupping is effective in providing balance.  Often cups leave stains or discolouration on the skin. This is normal and can last up to a few weeks.  These markings are not bruises.

Hot Stone Therapy ~  Hot Stones stimulate the lymphatic and nervous system promoting deep heat therapy to help calm muscles.  Thermotherapy encourages red blood cells to an area triggering the healing process within muscle fibres and soft tissue.  Perfect for an overall deep relaxation massage!

Reiki Healing ~   This energy technique encompassing warm touch uses vibration light energy to positively balance all or specific Chakras along the spinal cord. You will feel uplifted, calm and sometimes slightly shifted with greater strength and clarity to move forward emotionally.


Location : Natural Pathways, 65-67 Percy Street, Mitcham.


Nurture Massage